Most likely has never heard of Sid Grauman (b. 1879; d. 1950). However, most have heard of his Chinese Theater located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard is a Hollywood landmark, found on numerous tour guides and postcards and a necessary spot on every Hollywood tourist's trip down the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

A Los Angeles cinema impresario, Grauman built lavish and unconventional theaters to attract the masses. His first was the Million Dollar Theater in downtown. However, he soon built another theater, which is like the Chinese Theater, a Hollywood landmark, the Egyptian Theater, built in 1922. It was there that he started a now famous Hollywood tradition, the movie "premire," with the release of Robin Hood, starring Douglas Fairbanks on October 28, 1922. Five years later, the Chinese Theater opened, even more lavish than the first. Grauman also ran the Mayan Theater in downtown Los Angeles and started the Chinese Theater's forecourt of stars foodprints, handprints, and signatures (Yes, his are there).

Despite Grauman's fade into history, his buildings have remained and are lasting tributes to the movie industry. Most people will never know, and never care who built them, but he sure got rich off his ideas!

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