"She Sells Sanctuary", by the goth-rock band The Cult, spent 19 weeks on the U.K. charts during the summer of 1985. The album "Love", which included this song, and their other hit "Rain" went platinum in the U.K. and was released by Sire records in the U.S. as WEA 80065.

On the December 21, 1985 show of Saturday Night Live (hosted by Teri Garr), The Cult performed this song, and "Rain".

In 1993, Beggar's Banquet records released a CD-single "Sanctuary MCMXCIII" (catalog number BEG 263), which included many remixes of this three chord song. (D major, C major 9, G major, in case you're wondering)

It is featured in the soundtrack on the PS2 game Gran Turismo 3 and makes great driving fast music for those of us who have left our adolescence far behind.

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