SGTV is a potent mix of news, music and political satire. Our first show "Wat Tyler’s Revenge" takes on issues too incendiary to be covered in the lame-stream corporate media such as the government cover up of the events of 9-11 (September 11, 2001 - II), sensible drug policy and the real motives behind aggressive American foreign policy.

The guests and reports of SGTV included Barry Zwicker, Tom Flocco, Kyle Hence, Sander Hicks, John Judge, Mindy Kleinberg, Kirsten Breitwieser, GNN TV Team, Mike Ruppert, Pirate TV, Catherine Austin-Fitts, M27 Coalition,, SIGA Canada, (Complacent) and many more...

Shadow Government TV is produced by the Global Free Press online community and can be previewed at

The show is up every thursday in New York on Cable #34 from 8PM- 8:30PM EST.

Some previews are available on GlobalFreepress in the SGTV section.

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