There are 3 ways of doing this that work for me, there may be more.

First, park your car in a place you are not going to be disturbed, the act your about to do is disturbing enough! Lay by's are good but tend to get used a lot, I find wooded areas are good, country parks, rural areas and the like, you know where to go!!!

You can't do it in the drivers seat, you just can't. The chair will not go back enough to avoid her arse from hitting the steering wheel, It makes no difference whether the horn is on a stem or on the wheel, she just won't be happy.

Option 1 - The front Seat Head Banger

Ask her to vacate the car, while you move to the passenger seat. Slide it back as far as it will go and recline it to about 45 degrees. Pull your trousers and pants down and ask her to get back in. While she was standing outside she should have removed any obstructions to her nice bits like tights, knickers, Bra etc. She will now be able to mount you and away you go. She can in fact turn around and sit on your lap if she wishes. Be Aware! The roof is low, make sure she does not bang her head.

I did this one about 2 years ago with my wife. We were just on our way back from a restaurant when she asked to be taken somewhere. Well, being married and not offered sex from anyone very often I jumped at the chance. She was wearing a dress and did not want to try Option's 2 or 3 so Option 1 it was. Not expecting this to happen I foolishly wore braces instead of a belt. This made pulling my trousers down a nightmare. Jacket and waistcoat had to come off for a start. Anyway 30 minutes and mild concussion for her later, we were done and on our way home.

Option 2 - The back seat missionary mission

This option is the more classic. Both get into back. Get her to lie on the her back, one leg up on the parcel shelf, the other in the foot well. you can then get on top of her while bending both your legs at the knee upward. You will be very close to a missionary position (If either of you are over 6 feet tall, forget it, use Options 1 or 3).

I Tried this about 5 years ago. We parked up by the river in a very secluded spot. Sex really wasn't planned, just some heavy petting. The problem was the XR2i 16V Fiesta came with winged front seats, which make very uncomfortable, so we retired to the back seats. One thing led to another. She was quite small and only hurt her neck a little. However being just over 6' myself, it wasn't all that nice. To top it all, just as I was getting to the Vinegar Stroke some people I knew drove past flashing their lights and sounding their horn, scared the crap out of me.

Option 3 - The back seat thigh cramper

This is the option I used in the Mark 1 Fiesta, so it should work in any other version of the Fiesta. Both get in the back. If its a 3 door pull the seats forward and leave them tilted, this will give you tonnes of leg room. Pull your pants down and sit in the middle. she can then mount you. If you slouch low, she can get her head over the parcel shelf and give herself more head room.

The wonderful, lovely, brilliant Wertperch was telling me he tried this one a few years a go. Apparently his partner was so enthusiastic she got stuck and they started laughing so hard they couldn't move. This is indeed a danger when doing something like this.

Some of the cars this applies to:

  • Mini
  • Austin/Rover Metro
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Reliant Robin
  • VW Polo
  • VW Golf
  • Obviously this is designed for cold or bad weather as a beautiful night would demand making love under the stars.

    He called at 11:45.


    "Yeah. Who's this?"

    "It's me. What are you doing? Are you asleep?"

    "No. No. I'm watching SNL."

    "Oh. Well, come outside. I brought you a cherry limeade slush."

    So I plodded into my plain white room and after digging through enough clothes for a family of five I found my favourite black sweater. At the bottom of the stairs, I slipped my feet into my little red-and-white flats that look like Canadian flags and stole into the still night.

    "You look beautiful."


    "Wanna go sit in the car?"

    "Why not?"

    He led me by the hand and I felt an intimacy I had wanted so much before. We got in. And he touched my face. And I slapped his hand away.

    "You are a hedonistic bastard."

    And he just laughed.

    "When we have sex, we don't talk or disagree. I think those are our best times together. So do you want to get in the backseat?"

    "Why the hell not?"

    And he kissed me. And I kissed him back. And then we made love. And for two hours, while the windows fogged and then condensed, while two cars drove by, while somebody turned on their porch light, while the moon got lower in the sky, while our families slept, while the world kept spinning, we were the only two people on earth who were truly alive.

    And then it was over. We stepped out of the little car, clothed ourselves, clothed in silence, kissed each other, and said

    "Good morning."

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