Sex Affirmation Treatment is a term used for the body modifications transgendered persons undertake to bring their physical appearance more into line with their gender. It is both more accurate (because it does not refer solely to surgery) and politically correct (because it does not imply that the person is changing their sex or gender) than other terms such as Sex or Gender Reassignment Surgery.

This treatment can consist of hormone therapy, Sex Reassignment Surgery and other cosmetic surgeries (for trans* women in particular) such as breast augmentation, brow reduction and cheek implants, etc.

Use of such a term as Sex Affirmation Treatment as opposed to terms including the word 'surgery' also removes the implication that a person must have had surgery in order to have transitioned, or in fact that having a penis instead of a vagina necessary to be a man, and vice versa to be a woman. It is a fact that while lower surgery for MTF women can sometimes be very successful, equivalent lower surgery for FTM men is far less successful and considerably more expensive, therefore precluding a far greater number of trans* men from having the procedures.

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