Days after I watched a fairly depressing movie, in which I feared the end of the world, through the hands of terrorists which were seen to most of us as aliens, I found myself fearing for many, many lives today. I am in tears are I write this, as one close friend lies in an emergency room in a hospital in London, England.

Explosions on London Underground, London Busses

Today, terrorists have made their move in London, with four explosions in the London underground and busses. The first signs of an explosion were at 8:49 GMT. 'Carefully confused organization' seems to be the way police are working at the moment, as they cut off access through the streets. The entire underground system, along with the underground bus system have been completely shutdown. The center of the city seems to be completely halted.

Al-Qaeda, along with 12 other groups, have claimed responcibility

As was the case in New York on September 11th, the cellphone network is dying due to the sheer numbers of people giving reassurance to their family that they are safe. The landlines are now losing their ability to communicate aswell as the cellphones.

95 Reported Casulties

The fear that comes with each of these terrorist attacks is that each prove to us that the terrorists are able to coordinate, and attack multiple areas within two hours of another. This fear, however, does not need to overload us, and instead, within this fear, we can become stronger. Possibly we can find some resolve to peace in the aftermath of these attacks.

37 Reported Deaths

MJ Goldman, a terrorist analyst, says, on the proximity of the G8 Summit and this attack means that the attack may be a result of people protesting the summit, as opposed to the same terrorists involved in the September 11th attacks. The attacks seem to attempt to create "maximum chaos with limited casulties". (BBC TV)

British PM Blair Left G8, Will Return To G8

I look at a man with blood covering one half of his face through my television set, with a look of pain and calm on his face. A piece of tissue soaks blood from his forehead. He tells the reporter that he just wont talk about it again. He tells us that there were people further back on the bus, who met a much worse fate than himself. I ask you to give a minute of your time to thinking about the lives of the people in London, give thoughts, prayers, and send messages of love to the families who have been devastated by these attacks. However devistating this attack is, we still must allow ourselves to go on, and maybe out of this, we will come together and become a closer world, however difficult it is to find any silver lining in this dark cloud, but we must find a way.

I will be updating this node as information comes in.

CNN-International (TV)
The London Emergency Plan
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