'' What are you doing with that?!''

He asked with mesmerized voice, looking at the old rifle-bullet I got as a souvenir from my Grandfather. I was preciously holding it in my hands.

''-Oh, well, I'm going to tie a Wolfram ribbon around it, and then, javelinize a proper heart to be sewn next to mine...
Isn't it Wolfram they use to build fuses from?
I want to have quite a resistant bond with another heart...''

Thinking, Thinking
I craft a vessel in my thoughts
To carry me through changing times

Moment to moment
Thoughts rise and subside
Few return to the place of their birth and persist

From the sea
A drop rises and sees that it is
And returning, the sea understands that it is

New capacity
All things touched by the sea are affected
Finding a habitable world, knowledge of being is born anew


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