A hush, a whisp, the shape of a denial as order fades.

Two ways to say and sashay, three sings the dukes down while referees smuggle adversarial majesticies under rhetorical cloak devices left alone beside the stationary cycle

as the tune tends, on repeat. So it goosesteps, if Locke cares to see more.

Adding on the bulk of the day in cremini mints as cork slings corn for the sake of no ledge.

Tiny is how the teeth get caught. The careful study of disavowals in constancy and fancy eastside sinks. Nothing says no to binary quite like s'mores.  The hunger basks in beer so the batter spits out an imaginary stop short of the mark.

Conditional verse admits the fête as the cognition exits in doves. What the red turn diverges in ease, the cars deign to let each tarn issue its own set of objectives. A chance with meeting a shopworn happenstance graft, culling the learnt bias at once.

Hope TheAnglican comes back.

When I was a kid, we moved every 3-5 years. I hated it. So I have lived here now for almost 16 years and don't want to move. But now OTHER PEOPLE MOVE AWAY, darn them. I can't get everything fixed in glue and permanent, ha, ha.

Monday I saw patients in the morning and my receptionist and I drove to Port Angeles in the afternoon to go to a presentation "for providers" about the Veterans Choice program. It turned out to be about Veterans Choice but also about services for homeless Veterans and legal services as well.

Veterans Choice is a program to get veterans health care more quickly and decrease travel. Initially it said that if a Veteran lived 40 miles from a VA Hospital, they could apply to go closer to home. However, at first it was "as the crow flies" which is useless if you live on a Peninsula surrounded by water as we do. We ain't crows nor can we fly. So now they go by actual road mileage. If a veteran can't get services at the VA within 30 days they can also apply to get services outside the VA Hospitals.

I have five Veterans Choice patients already. One of my vets came with us to Port Angeles. He asked what my introduction to the program was. "The VA called and said who are you?" I said, "Then they said, we're sending you a patient, someone asked for you." The frustration has been that when I call Veterans Choice with questions, mostly the answer is "I don't know" which is unhelpful and annoying. But now I have NAMES and cards for high ups as well as the Congressman's card who was there. I was the only doctor there. Everyone else was social work or legal or .... our local hospital sent the billers. Uh-huh. Money rules.

Then I had chorus for two hours in the evening. Tuesday I was wiped out: still don't have the stamina for that sort of long day, which annoys the hell out of me... 'cept I couldda done died, so I remind myself to be patient after shredding some pillows with my teeth.

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