A modest mouse is an honest louse, doing the business of cutting up sounds and leaving the hounds to feast on the dead. This is a time piece to find peace and no one can know what is behind that third door. That's where they keep the secrets. That's where they keep the light.

And who could be right when we are told we are wrong and that no one is left but the center and it is a are a lazy tactic of boring writers, a shill pulled to right the wrongs of the wrong side of the tracks and how long can you last against the attacks and keep up the facade without losing face, an honest race is an honest man's day in honest labor and yet still we cannot fathom a different way.

There are more ways to chain a man than by hands. There are feet, There is a waist. There is his soul. This is a waste. This is a hole.

There are mental chains to bind tighter than any real piece of iron and steel, it's all in what you feel, it's all about your head and your heart and what keeps you tied up in useless endeavors and in love with feckless cadavers.

Yesterday a friend of mine from work quit her job. I've known this day was coming ever since she told me she was an undocumented citizen paying taxes under a Social Security Number that doesn't belong to her. My little sister is part of the group that works to keep the system clean but hearing my friend talk about having to cross the border when she was eleven and how awful things were in her homeland has given me a different perspective.

My friend asked me not to tell anyone why she was leaving. She was going to ask the HR manager to meet her somewhere but I said she didn't owe that to anyone and she should send HR an email to let them know she was leaving; end of subject. Her boss is the man responsible for me working where I do. Recently he asked my friend to represent our company at a trade show. A couple weeks ago she was down in Miami working with another rep at a show designed to generate international interest.

After I got the text that explained why my friend was leaving I asked the guy I sit next to if we could get away for a while. During my lunch break I had some time to think. Every time I walked past my friend's desk I removed as many of her personal items as I could manage without arousing suspicion She sent me a text telling me she was so embarrassed she could never show her face there again but I told her that everyone has skeletons in the closet and things in their past that they would rather not have anyone know about.

Attitude plays a role in determining how I feel given certain situations. I believe that because I've seen the effects of both positive and negative outlooks. One way to view things is to look at other people and how they're standing in my way. Another angle I could use is to seek ways for me to work with or around these people. The problem is I am tired of working against people whose goals are not in line with mine.

Tuesday afternoon I listened to my boss explain teamwork and how we all love each other so each other's burdens become our own and together everyone achieves more. It was kind of funny watching expressions flash across my supervisor's face for there is no love for the guy who sits directly across from me. At the end of the meeting my boss gave me a hug and so did my supervisor only her hug was genuine.

One of the guys I work with jokes around about how nice it is to see me. We're actually making fun of my boss who will tell people how valued they are and what a great job they're doing only it is all suspicious form and lacking substance. It's patronizing, demeaning and pretty demoralizing and I can hardly believe that she expects me to feel sorry for people who are paying five dollars a gallon for gas when those same people are complaining about paying taxes on six figure incomes.

Wrath, righteous anger, has its place and as I walked out of that meeting I had a decision to make. Either I can choose to blame my boss for being who and what she is or I can accept her position in my life as a challenge and prove that I understand corporate games by winning. I used to really envy my boss, what she represents is significant but after that meeting I decided that she's old school and I'm bringing fresh new ideas into play.

It was funny sitting in that meeting with two women who are flirts. I rarely flirt at work and when I do it is because I know that my words and actions are not going to be misconstrued or taken in a way that I didn't mean them. Lately I've been reading this book and I had a lot of fun building the conversation up to a point where the people who were supposed to be talking started asking me for dating advice.

The book I mentioned gave me insight into what makes people tick. While some people are lazy or unmotivated I think a lot of people are actually scared of rejection. They don't realize that the path to success doesn't have to be paved with failure and a long line of rejections. At work I have no idea who is going to be on the other end of the line when I call and that's where the game starts. I have about ten seconds to establish credibility and generate interest.

These people are bombarded with sales calls so why is anyone willing to listen to me and what I have to say? My message is not unique, my secret is that I seek for ways to connect with people and I respect their time. I listen for sales cues which is how I ended up getting a customer who has spent less than a hundred dollars with us in the past eight months to introduce a product we have to a customer of his.

Selling one on one is inefficient. Networking and the ability to reach a large audience is critical, it's now who and what you know and how you can influence the purchasing decisions of another. While some people are content to court one out of every twelve accounts they touch base with I'm more like the practitioner in Minnesota I spoke with yesterday. I want every call to be effective. Reaching for the low hanging fruit is easy. Yesterday I left work exhausted. My challenge is getting my body to keep up with my mind.

By the end of the day I'm so wired and tired I can't think straight or communicate effectively. My boss wants numbers but I'm trying to preserve the quality and integrity of my product. Is running ten miles a day better than a good cross training program? Is it better to reach forty accounts or to get thirty percent growth out of fewer accounts? Is there a way to avoid the quick kill and focus on relationship and rapport building despite my time constraints? Am I foolish for loving my job and the people I work with when management refuses to reward my successes?

When a person is underperforming it is the responsibility of management to train, coach and educate that person. Right now I feel my boss is underperforming. She's abandoned her new department in favor of the outside sales team because she's in outside sales and that's who she identifies with. Listening to her defend the outside sales team was laughable and a different type of person might not realize that she is handicapped by her inability to develop a department she isn't there to manage.

My boss does not see any value in working with my deparmtment which means our sucesses are our own. If she was more of a process driven person she would have the outside sales people sit with us and cross train each department so synergy flows between those two competitive channels. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Currently I see our internal struggles as more of a threat to our success than any of our competitors. My customers tell me what the competition is doing and I wouldn't be hearing their stories if the competition was better than we are.

Right now I work for the joy of the game - the invitations I receive from people who want to meet me. I love hearing skeptical voices turn warm, listening to conversations that have turned personal and knowing that there are people out there that I will never meet who are better off because of me. To some I am the voice of reassurance, to others a harbinger of excellence - I can't be all things to all people however maybe someday I'll meet the voices of those who have been all things professional to me.

Until next time,


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