Welp, it just got done raining a storm out here in Brooklyn. I caught a glimpse of a real banner a bit ago! It is definatly almost time to sleep! Work, *yawn*, slow day(not complaining).

News Items 9/10/1999

Cooked some spicy Halibut w/ my gf for dinner *yummy*. She has been teaching me to cook, even though I am still learning, I think I do a damn good meal!


This was the day that Everything 1 got its first bunch of civilian editors: Saige, General Wesc, bozon (already had doc-creation powers), and I'm not quite sure who else. Magenta was an editor on E1, and I think pi was. pingouin, I'm pretty sure. Anyone want to refresh my memory?

Anyway, that's what the below-mentioned email was about. I didn't get to explore my newfound superpowers until September 12, 1999, as my family and I left on vacation for the weekend that morning.

However, if you're wondering what amazing things happened on this day in history, let me assure you, nothing did. At least, various 'this day in history' things I've checked had nothing. It was a boring day for most of the world.

Legacy Writeup from Everything 1

I got up 07:00 and was ready to leave by 07:30 but nobody else was. I got one totally groovy piece of e-mail and we finally left at about 09:00.
We stopped for lunch at a Golden Corral a little past 12:00 and they didn't have a sanitation rating displayed. (I get a kick out of those things. :-)

We got there ("There" is like a camp where a bunch of homeschoolers were staying for the weekend.) at about 16:00 and I went hiking.
I walked until I decided to head back so I took a turn left thinking that would lead back to the camp without me having to backtrack for miles. It didn't and I eventually came to a dead end (the "No Outlet" sign should have tipped me off) so I ended up backtracking anyway.

For supper it was potluck and it was luckier then usual. There was lotsa goodish stuff.
I went down to the campfire right after it had burnt to nothing and been abandoned. (Great timing, Wesc.)
I went to bed about 23:00.

Sept. 9,Sept. 11

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