In the CCG Legend of the Five Rings, Seppun Toshiken became the Emerald Champion shortly after Emperor Toturi made his way back to the throne. Toshiken was a just as skillied a duellist as his father Kakita Toshimoko, but was also resentful of him- while Toshiken knew he was his son, and Toshimoko knew that he was his father, he never publicly acknowledged him as his own, rather leaving him in the care of the Seppun woman who was his mother.

Toshiken's most infamous act was the Slaughter of the Imperial Court. While he caught a lot of flak from the Crane players IRL, it was later revealed that his two children were used as a bargaining chip by the Shadow-influenced Toturi to do it; even then, Toshiken lost in the deal, as he discovered that the Lying Darkness had already consumed them.

The Emerald Champion would eventually go on to redeem himself by turning on his traitorous brother, Kakita Ichiro, as the courtier was about to stab the Grey Crane in the back. When his father died in the Battle of Volturnum, Toshiken would assume his father's name and serve as the Emerald Champion until his death during the Four Winds story arc.

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