From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 12. Scollops of Rabbits

Take three rabbits (or any number, according to the number of guests: this recipe will serve as well for one as for six rabbits); detach the fillets, tear off the sinews; then scollop the fillets, keeping your knife on a slope; flatten them with the handle of your knife; put the scollops into a sauté-pan with some clarified butter; have ready some truffles peeled and cut into slices of the same size as the scollops; mix them with the rabbits in the butter, with salt and pepper. "Toss" the whole a little while before dinner-time, drain the butter, and put the scollops into the sauce, in order that the truffles may give their flavour to it, and likewise to the meat. You may procure preserved truffles in bottles at any good Italian warehouse; still, I am rather wary of prescribing them. Unless they are forwarded directly from abroad, and cased in the earth from which they have been dug, they rarely possess any distinctive flavour. Garnish the edges of the dish with sippets.

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