So you're a webdesigner, and you decide to make a cool puzzle game in flash/shockwave/java/etc for your site. Or, you're a developer for the palmpilot or a similar portable device. You decide on the rules - You have a screen full of stacked tiles, and you have to click on similarly colored or shaped groups in order to remove them until the screen is empty.


This idea has been the basis for countless Palm OS and flash games already. SameGame was originally written in by Eiji Fukumoto for some flavor of *nix in 1992, and since then has been ported to pretty much every other platform capable of running it. By using this basic game structure, you're just contributing to the hundreds of uninspired SameGame clones already out there. Most of the time, adding one or two special features to a game won't make it seem completely new and interesting (the only exception I can think of here is Bombliss/Tetris Blast). Take a few minutes (or a few days) and think up something original, and code that instead. You'll be doing everyone who relies on web games for entertainment while at work a big favor, and you might become famous.

Some popular SameGame clones and their 'special features':

Collapse : Collapse has bombs and adds new rows of tiles from the bottom periodically, making it play something like Tetris Attack.

Q-Beez : Block animations reminiscent of Homestar Runner.

Big Money : Falling objects from the top of the screen that award points if they can make it through to the bottom.

Please, don't flood the net with more SameGame clones, unless they involve PantyCat. If you're desperate to clone a puzzle game, I'd recommend Puyo Puyo.
update : fixed the history of SameGame. This s what happens when I try to write php and node at the same time while listening to music with 6 hours sleep while at work. my bad.

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