From: The Thorough Good Cook

Fish: 17. Salmon, Matelote Sauce

Make a marinade, in which stew the salmon. When it is done, pick off the scales carefully. Pour the marinade over the salmon to keep it hot. Then make a sauce in the following manner: Put a good bit of butter and two spoonfuls of flour in a stew-pan, and make a brown sauce. When it begins to colour, throw four or six onions into your sauce, and let them melt ; keep stirring with a wooden spoon. Then moisten with a pint of red wine; add a few spoonfuls of the marinade in which yon have stewed the salmon, some trimmings of mushrooms, a bunch of parsley and green onions well seasoned, and a small piece of glaze; season the whole, and put a little sugar to correct the acidity of the wine; skim the grease, and keep the sauce thick. In case it should not be thick enough to cover the fish, add a small bit of butter kneaded with flour, a quarter of a pound of fresh butter, some essence of anchovies, the juice of a lemon, and some salt and pepper. Drain your fish, and cover it with the sauce, after having strained it through a tammy.

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