Saint Of Circumstance
Lyrics: John Barlow
Music: Bob Weir

Reprinted with permissions copyright Ice Nine Publishing

This must be heaven
Tonight I crossed the line
You must be the angel
I thought I might never find
Was it you I heard singing
Oh while I was chasing dreams
Driven by the wind
Like the dust that blows around
And the rain fallin' down

But I never know (sure don't know)
I never know, never know (sure don't know)

This must be heaven
'Cause here's where the rainbow ends
And at last it's the real thing
Or close enough to pretend

When that wind blows (wind blows)
And the night starts to fall
I can hear the silence call (some times siren's call)
It's a certain sort of sound
And the rain fallin' down
Rain fallin' down

Holes in what's left of my reason
Holes in the knees of my blues
Odds against me been increasing
But I'll pull through

Never could read no road-map
And I don't know what the weather might do
But hear that witch wind whining
See that dog star shining
I got a feelin' there's no time to lose
No time to lose

Maybe going on a feeling
Maybe going on a dream
Maybe going on a feeling

I never know (never know)
I will never know (sure don't know)

Well it's been heaven
Even rainbow's will end
Now my sails are filling
The wind so willing
And I'm good as gone again
I'm still walkin'
So I'm sure that I can dance
Just a saint of circumstance
Just a tiger in a trance
And the rain fallin' down
Rain falling down

Well I never know
Just don't know
Just don't know
Sure don't know what I'm goin' for
But I'm gonna go for it for sure
Sure don't know what I'm goin' for
But I'm gonna go for it for sure

First performance: August 31, 1979, at Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, N.Y.

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