Make sure you come back.

Guardian Angel
Safe ChekIn is a website since January, 2008, dedicated to protecting individuals who schedule an activity that may be risky, replacing the idea of the buddy system. For instance, you might be camping or hiking for the weekend, you’d go to the website, log a checkin and a checkout time, and if you do not check back in within the time frame they will contact help. Jenny Goldsmith first came up with the website when on a nearly vacant ski-lift as he was looking down and wondering if he fell, would he get any help? With the program, you can list any amount of contact numbers, yours, friends, families, or authorities. I found out about the service while at the newsroom morning meeting, one of our reporters was covering a story on how the service helped a couple who got lost using their GPS.

The government also loves the service because it cuts down on search and rescue costs. “Sgt. Tim Hargrove of the Truckee Police Department said most search-and-rescue missions are initiated by employers or family members who are vaguely unaware of the missing person’s whereabouts.” (Safe CheckIn) Obviously it also speeds up the search and rescue process, they know where to start looking, and how long you have been missing.

Every member is issued a DOG TAG w/chain. This will be embossed with the SafeCheckIn 800 number and the words “For Emergency-Call” and a unique serial number for each member.

$6.25 a month for a daily service
Beyond the obvious camping scenario, they suggest using the service if you are going on a date, especially if it’s a blind date by yourself. (In this day and age of meeting people online, I can see where they’re coming from.) The website also says it’s good for seniors, keeping tabs on kids for parents who may be out of town, and any time you feel like extra precaution wouldn’t be a bad thing.

After the member has arrived safely back from their activity, they email or text message SafeCheckIn to "check back in". If the member becomes overdue, SafeCheckIn will attempt first to call the individual by cell phone. If we cannot reach the member, SafeCheckIn will begin to notify and inform the member's primary contacts of the member's overdue status. (From the website)

I hope you’re okay giving out your weight
Here’s the complete rundown. “ members put in specific information about their weight, height, physical features, health as well as a photo. They even can have information on their vehicles. Once their profile is entered, they can then set up an ‘event’ with information about any activity they are participating in. This information is completely private and is never disclosed unless the member goes overdue. When they “check out” SafeCheckIn will monitor their absence until the member ‘checks in’ again.” (Safe CheckIn)

A supplement to the service is a global beacon with a green, a blue (I’m guessing), and a red button, where you can check back in, or say safe but late, or late need help.

I hope this writeup saves someone's life someday!


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