What does it mean to run like hell? Well, that is a difficult question to answer. You see, running like hell is more of an art than a science. How to do it successfully is hard to describe.

Running like hell means that one is running as though the very hounds of hades are at one's back, and that they intend to rive the person in question limb from limb with nasty, sharp, gnashing teeth. Once these hounds are done tearing one apart, they will proceed to drag the limbs of said person down to hell with them, where one will periodically be reassembled and then eviscerated, mauled, or what-have-you all over again. It is therefore in the best interests of said person to run really, really fast.

Now, that is all well and good for people who have the hounds of hades at their back, but what are people like us to do? Taking various methamphetamines is a common solution, however, as well all know, drugs are never the answer. A common solution, of which I am one proponent, is to motivate one's self instead of resorting to any external means. I mean, why not keep everything in house if you can?

So this is what I do. . .listen carefully, maybe this could work for you: envision a mouse. . .no, wait, a duck on your shoulder. A big, white duck. Be nice to that duck, since he's going to get you out of a lot of jams. What I mean is, since he's going to be helping you out a lot by getting you to run like hell, you should give him a little something now and then in return (like, say, a piece of bread, a coke, some porn or something (him being a vison doesn't make him any less real). So then envision him saying quite emphatically, "Run like hell, damn it! Run, damn it, run!"

And so forth.

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