Rex Rabbits have been bred so that their guard hairs (see the writeup on Angora Rabbits for information about rabbit hair) are the same length as the shorter, silkier under-hairs. This results in an extremely thick, soft, lustrous coat, causing many people to refer to Rex Rabbits as the original "Velveteen Rabbits". Rexes get to be about 8 1/2 lbs and come in every concievable color (including fawn and chocolate, lilac and red, as well as the tratditional black or grey) in both solid and broken patterns. They tend to be sparely built, with sort of muscular bodies, and can be very sweet, although they need exercise.

There are also Mini rexes, which have the same fabulous coat, but which are smaller (around 4 1/2 lbs) and which have a slightly less agreeable temperment.

My friends make much of the fact that rabbits are food, I think Rexes are better suited to become pairs of gloves, heaven forbid.

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