Okay my man, your macking garden with it's short wall fits perfectly in with your pimpish Olde Time English Retreat, but there's one problem. Somehow one of your super-fly reproduction red bricks has just broken up in it's little slot and you're afraid it's deterioration brings down the hoe-factor of your house.

You could not be more right, so get to work:

1 pair of Safety Glasses
1 one inch chisel
1 hammer
1 brick (of the same style, you should have left some over when you build that mofo)
1 small package of mackin' mortar
1 stiff wire brush

Put on the glass fo' you lose an eye.

First you gots to know the brick is fucked up because of weather and water expanding during cold weather. Ivy can also damage brick.

Get all your tools together and put down a tarp if you're so inclined you bad ass mofo. Tap out that offensive brick LAPD style and the mortar around it as well. You hear the one about yo' mama? Yeah, she sits AROUND the house, use the stiff bristled brush to clean out the dust. Mix up the mortar per the instructions.

Spread the brick with mortar on the top, bottom, sides and back. Leave the face clean my brother. Push that baby in like it was your pimp stick into some hot chica. Use the chisel to scrape away extra mortar and settle the brick into place at the same level as the rest of the wall.

In a few months that badass will blend right back in.

And now you can bounce, baby. Props to Martha.

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