Red Colobus Monkey (Procolobus badius) The colour of these monkeys varies from light orange to orange-red. The young of either sex have colourings that mimic that of the female to prevent the adult males evicting them from the group. They exist in mixed groups of between 60 and 80 monkeys or groups of 8 to 40 males. As the monkey consumes mainly young shoots, leaves and fruits, they can be found in the low canopy of forests. The main concentrations are central and eastern Africa. However, one of the few places you can actually get up close to these rare monkeys is on the island of Zanzibar, just off of the east coast of Africa. There is a large reserve in the Jozani forest where the monkeys roam freely. In my opinion it was a really amazing experience to be able to get that close to animals in the wild, and see them in their natural habitat. However, I was in Zanzibar in 1996 and things may have changed somewhat since then due to increases in tourism ! Oh, and beware of the "Zanzibar leopard" last seen a long time ago, but still used to amuse the visitors!

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