Don't read this if you don't like spoilers.
Rated: NC-17 (formerly X)

A movie directed by Nagisa Oshima that documents the relationship between Sada, a prostitute, and her john, Kichi. Filmed in France to avoid Japanese pornography laws prohibiting display of the genitals, the movie details the course of sexual obsession, from its innocuous beginnings as a love-affair to the eventual progressions into the objectification of sex and sexual organs and sado-masochism. Consumed by her lust and desire to reach higher levels of sexual ecstacy, she and her lover engage in asphyxiation in an attempt to heighten their orgasms.

Almost inevitably, Kichi dies from suffocation. In perhaps the most controversial part of the movie, Sada, still obsessed with his sex and driven at least partially insane, saws off his package and carries it around wrapped up.

fun, eh?

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