I am seemingly incapable of reading school-assigned books for homework.

It starts off as an eagerness to just get the damned pages over with and get on with life, but quickly manifests into a state of horror when I realize that I have underestimated the task at hand. The pages are just so densely packed with words and unfamiliar vocabulary which the author has injected into the text for seemingly little reason, and I find that I am thinking of everything else except for the text, whose words all refer to obscure parts of the plot to which I have unfortunately not paid any attention when reading in the past, and so I force myself to reread a few pages back. In the middle of doing so, I realize that my train of thought has wandered yet again, so off I go to Rereadingland. Just when I think I finally get it, something that a character says makes me go "How does that even make sense?" and I spend 30 seconds puzzling over the enigma. Mind you, 30 seconds is half a minute. By the time I am done with the page itself, 5 minutes have already passed, and I have around 30 pages left to go.

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