I think you can know a person for many years without ever discovering their depths of potential. After all, potential is what we reach for, not what we are. Mr. Vinson was not one of those people. He was one of those other people, a one-time failure who suddenly found his groove and began meeting his potential in ways.

Like many people he was once a part of the corporate workforce, doing just enough to get by, eating fast food and never doing anything of note. Then he ran into a preacher who told him about the love of Jesus Christ and he began to turn it around. He quit his job and decided to go into business for himself.

Mr. Vinson had worked with an arrogant motherfucker who thought he was special because he was a puppeteer. Mr. Vinson did not like how this man demanded respect just because he wiggled a few dolls on the weekends. This was how Mr. Vinson got his name. He dropped his first name and took on the name "Mr." because it forced people to respect him.

Mr. Vinson then took out a bank loan on his way home from Arby's and started his own puppet academy, which he called Mr. Vinson's Academy for Puppety Shit. It was an instant success and the money started rolling in from three different directions. He even poked around with merchandising.

Mr. Vinson's potential was beginning to be tapped. Then he found himself acquiring a disease of the genitals that caused his cock and ball assembly to become swollen, gray, ashy and constantly in pain.

This would not deter Mr. Vinson, so with the help of a physician he developed a method to get through his busy day without sacrificing potential for swollen nuts. He began wearing way too short hospital gowns and allowing his genitals to hang freely. He got a special dispensation from the government that he could walk about like this because of his condition as he could not wear underpants or any support garment. They hung low or they hung low. There was no other choice. He also wore green flip-flops.

It was hard to imagine this man who was the son of an auto mechanic who beat him soundly every night was so successful. He had risen up through the horrors of mediocrity to become the kind of man anyone would be proud to have lunch with in public. You almost expected his perfect life to unravel at any moment, but it was flawless and filled with potential.

Even his imaginary friend, Remy Bone-Swarr was wonderful.

I had an opportunity to interview Mr. Vinson and sat with him and his mom in an outdoor café for two hours. The atmosphere was nice, although there was something wrong with the coffee.

Mr. Vinson began important work on human health, focusing mostly on weight loss and colon care. He published a book in 2009 called Poop Chute Pointers and it was an instant best seller.

Knowing Mr. Vinson can be a transformative experience. He knows that he would have been an important man in 14th Century England, but he doesn't obsess over this fact. He lives in the here and now and will tell you his address if you want to send him something in the mail. He always has patience for new people and has plenty of things to sell you.

Things today are different from 1978.

I mention 1978 because Mr. Vinson was active in disco, polyester and whiskey sours at that time. He is no longer interested in any of these things. You could say his interest in these things has become inert.

I am proud of him and his accomplishments. He is an inspiration.

I first met Mr. Vinson when he was carrying a cheap alarm clock through a warehouse with tears in his eyes. He had just been let go from his job and his co-workers were all giving him the finger and mooning him on his way out the door. There was a tone of mockery in their voices as they said, "Fuck off, Vinson." It was practically sub-human. I joined in.

I regretted later joining in with the bullying. I didn't go out in the parking lot with several of the fleers who wanted to take it to another level. They got baseball bats and went to town on Mr. Vinson as he walked across the parking lot to his car. It was awful. How does someone come back from that?

Yet, come back he did. How did he do it? How could you do it? Let us take a look at the evidence based information available to us.

The first thing Mr. Vinson did was go to Taco Bell and purchase a meal from their value menu. Then he sat down in a booth, taking a position where he could stare at a lovely woman and her mother, and ate his meal. Then something happened to him that had never happened to him before. He started thinking.

First, he started a chicken farm. After a month he decided it wasn't for him and sold it for five million dollars to various business interests. This was the seed money for his puppet academy. He would have his revenge, but then came another severe baseball bat beating as he was leaving Burger King one Saturday night. It would be a setback as this time the beating was extra severe, but in the end Mr. Vinson would not let it stop him from realizing his potential.

Mr. Vinson looked into new medical ways to keep from having to wear too-short hospital gowns and letting his parts hang freely. During a meal at McDonald's he met with an orthopedic surgeon who had nothing to offer. It was just going to have to be this way. The risk of baseball bat beatings would always be there unless he stayed indoors. That was not an option. Mr. Vinson is very outgoing.

He concentrated on his puppet academy and his medical infomercial businesses. With his considerable income he purchased a large mansion and bodyguards who wore clothing from the time of the pharaohs at Mr. Vinson's request. One of them was Brigitte Nielsen.

At a time when people have no hope and there is talk that capitalism isn't humane, Mr. Vinson proves otherwise. He proves that anyone can make a million dollars in six minutes. He proves that dedication and hope are ideals worth having. He tells us something about potential. He is wonderful.

Here, here. Here, here.

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