A tense helicopter action game for the C64 by Broderbund Software Inc. Released in 1984.
It takes a bit to master the copter controls and general go of the game, but it's worth it. When you start getting near the end of the game it gets fast-paced exciting--it makes me sweat, yeah. Hell, even the intro sequence is tense.

The Bungeling Empire creates the ultimate weapon of irresponsibility: a War Machine programmed to take over the entire planet. Bastards!
Since you're a highly skilled helicraft pilot, it's your task to freeze The War Machine by halting the production of 6 war factories that are supplied by computerized tanks and boats.

The game takes place on a scrolling/wrap-around map. The entire play area is 100 screens!
You get 5 helicraft and 1 carrier. You can land on the carrier to repair your copter and restock your bombs. You must protect your carrier. If it gets destroyed you get no more bombs or copters and can't repair your helicraft.

Enemy weapons:
Tanks and Boats: These supply the factories and increase the rate of production. They also fire at you with small arms causing light damage. The boats are colour-coded with the factories they supply.

Anti-Aircraft Guns: These guns can cause heavy damage (and they're annoying as hell). When 3 or less factories are remaining they fire heat-seeking missiles. Heat-seeking missiles are scary. They add to the action immensely.

Fighter Planes and Radar: The white planes are fighters which fire air-to-air missiles resulting in heavy damage. If they find you they will chase and fire at you until you lose or eliminate them. The radar installments on the ground aid the fighters in locating you. This is a good reason to destroy the radar installments, but don't dwell on it.

Bombers: The black planes are bombers which occasionally attack your carrier (except near they end when they won't bloody lay off.) When this happens you will receive a warning message and will have a limited amount of time to return to the carrier and shoot them down before they sink your carrier.

Battleship: The battleship is built on one of the islands during the course of the game. You can delay its construction by bombing it (a very good idea to do every then and now). Once it is built it will put out to sea and head for your carrier. You do not want this. It will eventually attack and sink your carrier if you don't sink it first. It is armed with heat-seeking missiles. Nasty!

  50 points - Tanks and Boats
 100 points - Radar and Guns
 200 points - Black Planes and White Planes
5000 points - Battleship
5000 points - Factory
5000 points - Bonus for each life you have left when you win
Loading instructions:
Turn on your disk drive and then your computer. After the disk drive busy light goes off, insert your disk and close the drive door. Type LOAD"ROBB",8 and press RETURN. When your computer responds READY, type RUN and press RETURN. The program will continue to load.
In the final stages of loading (be patient, it takes a minute or more), your disk drive will make mechanical sounds. This is normal.

Other Versions:
Raid on Bungeling Bay was ported to the NES, but the Commodore 64 version is better.

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