I see people claim that they are tolerant of other races, and that makes them morally good beings. They believe tolerance is anti-racism and that if more people were like them, tolerant, then there would not be any racial problems in the world.

What a pile of shit.

What does tolerance mean?

Endurance, the act of enduring.

What are we tolerating? Are we tolerating the blackness of his skin? Are we tolerating the whiteness of hers? No wait, is it the yellowness that we are tolerating? The very idea that we tolerate rooted racism. We have to understand that there is NOTHING to tolerate.

I tolerate the cold. I can tolerate rudeness. I can tolerate extreme bitchiness. But these are all things that are something real. Does dark skin or light skin really upset you? Does it make you shiver as if you were cold? Does it make you sweat in 40oC temperature? If the color of somebody's skin does make you uncomfortable, do not be decieved to think that tolerating this will make it all better. You must find a way of thinking that makes tolerance unnecessary.

So before you run home and sit your children down and teach them about racial tolerance, ask yourself, what is there to tolerate?


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