The Royal Fleet Auxilary operates only one Aviation training ship in its fleet at the moment the RFA Argus.

RFA Argus is used during peacetime to give sea training to helicopter and Harrier aircrews for both the Royal Navy and the Royal Fleet Auxilary. While in war time she will act as a Combat Transport and Auxilary Aircraft Carrier.

Hers Stats are as follows

Dimensions: 567.5 x 100.5 x 39 feet
Displacement: 28540 tons

Engines: diesel electric
Shafts: 2
SHP: 23400
Top Speed: 19 knots

Ship's Company
Civilian: 79
Naval: 28
Trainees: 137
Troops: 750

Flight Deck: 2/3 length
Helicopters: 6 Sea King
Aeroplanes: 8 Harrier FA2

surface/air search: Type 994

Guns: 2 20 mm

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