The QNX Realtime Platform is a Realtime OS developed by QNX Software Systems Ltd (QSSL).

It contains, at its core, the Neutrino Kernel and the Photon microGUI windowing system, which could be compared to the GNU/Linux Kernel and The X Windowing System.

The QNX Realtime Platform is free for anyone to use. The only catch is for developers. If you develop products utilizing the QNX Realtime Platform or develop for the QNX Realtime Platform, a fee may be requested.

Porting is generally easy due to its 100% POSIX compliance, standard GNU development tools, and X-windowing system compatibility layer (XPhoton). Usually it's just a recompile.

Note: I reworded this node from its original, as the original I had (but never submitted) contained much propaganda and opinion. "Remove everything but the nouns and you have the truth".

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