Psychomorphology is made up of the words psych- (mental processes and activities) and morph (to undergo transformation) and is the study of how thoughts change the body and the body changes thoughts.
Most people don't realise this is a 2 way interaction so try this test:

When you're feeling good, sit with your arms folded, slump foward and breathe as shallowly as you can. After about a minute you will start to feel depressed because your posture is the same as a depressed person.

This is a useful tool to change your mood just by imitating the posture of the mood you want. If your feeling unable to cope with a situation, throw your chest out, take deep breaths and look at the people around you (who you now feel aren't as good as you) and take charge.

Another use is to 'model' someone to gain the advantage they have. One of my martial arts instructors studied Mike Tyson and when sparring, moved the way he did. He told me later that he felt his aggression was nearly uncontrollable, the same way Tyson fights.

from a half remembered course on NLP

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