Princess Sally Elisha of the House of Acorn is the rightful heir to the throne of Mobius. Her father, King Acorn, was overthrown in a violent coup by his military advisor, Dr. Evo Robotnik. He was banished to the void, and Sally and her friends were hidden in the Great Forest, in the tiny village of Knothole.

Sally first appeared in the United States in Sonic CD for the Sega CD console. Originally, Sally was a pink hedgehog. Most Sonic fans would recognize this character as Amy Rose. For some unknown reason, Sega decided to change the name, which Sonic’s fans quickly ignored, preferring the Japanese version over the American.

Sally’s next major appearance came as the leader of the Freedom Fighters in the Archie comic book series, Sonic the Hedgehog. The series first resembled the syndicated “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” (SluggoSlacker says: most fans of Sonic hate this show and refuse to acknowledge the show. If you’re curious, it can be seen on Disney’s Toon network). Later, as the ABC show (SatAM) debuted, the comic series became more like its action/sci-fi counterpart.

Sally’s strengths as a leader were beginning to show. She is excellent with computers, plans strategic missions, and often plays as Sonic’s more stable, less impulsive half. She uses a powerful, yet small personal computer named Nicole.

Sally’s most recognized moment was in the Archie comic End Game series. In episode #47 (the fist of the series), Sally was killed. This created an outcry from fans and Archie was forced to resurrect her in #50. It was also rumored that Sally was supposed to die in the phantom third season of the SatAM TV show. Officially, Sally exists as a robotic replica, supposedly placed to keep Sonic happy.

Many have tried to place an age on all the freedom fighters, however, Archie states that Sally, like most of the other freedom fighters, is 15. Currently, she is the Queen of Mobius.

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