A character from Star Ocean: The Second Story.

Precis is a 16-year-old who lives in the village of Linga on Expel. Due to the tutelage of her inventor father, she has a way with machines and uses mechanical punching hands as her weapon of choice. She is always accompanied by a little robot of her own construction, Bobot. Bobot features prominently in Precis's killer moves. She joins the party after an argument with her father, and is almost always playful and happy, even when the party is under extreme pressure.

Precis's main attacks with the mechanical 'punches' are reasonably strong, and Precis's aptitude for mechanics can be used to create better punches later in the game. Her killer moves are all mechanically based, using devices that she builds in her spare time. She's a good warrior character, though not as good as Claude.

When you arrive in Linga you have the choice of recruiting either Precis or Bowman Jean. Since Bowman is probably the weakest character in the game, it is definitely worth it to recruit Precis instead. Her statistics are reasonable for a warrior character, while Bowman, despite also being a warrior character, has stats that are more appropriate for a wizard character. Also, the punch weapons available for Precis are more powerful than the glove weapons available for Bowman.

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