Portraits of Past were an emo band from Berkeley, California. They existed from 1992 until 1995. The members were: Jeremy Andrew Bringnetto, Johan G. Buffa, Matthew Martin Bajda, Robert Allen Patterson and Rex John Shelverton.

They played the style of emo that was popular in the bay area at the time. It consisted of dual guitars, mostly struming octave chords in unison. Portraits of Past had some epic length songs that would build up, slowly disassemble themselves, and then build back up again. Very complex sounding. Kinda twangy, too. The vocals had some incredible throat-shredding screams. Check out the scream that starts off the Limit Eq. Norm demo tape.

They self-released two demo tapes. One had six songs and the other had three. They appeared on two compilations, both on Ebullition Records. Those were Stealing the Pocket and XXX. Also on Ebullition they released a split 7" with Bleed and an LP titled 01010101.

Members went on to Funeral Diner among other bands.

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