An annual event in Portland, Oregon where cyclists ride their bicycles across nine of the ten bridges in Portland. Originally, the route contained all ten, but the St. Johns Bridge and the Sellwood Bridge were too far apart. Now, the route alternates each year between those two bridges.

It all started in May of 1996, when 8000 bikers decided to try to get the views of Portland from each bridge. The problem was, the Fremont Bridge and the Marquam Bridge are closed to bicycles. This created a bit of a commotion when traffic was delayed, but overall, the event was a success.

Next year, the cyclists decided to organize the event more. They got permission from the city to close the top decks of each of the bridges for a few hours. Now, it is the second-largest annual cycling event in the Pacific Northwest, where over 13,000 people participate. The bridge Pedal is usually held in August.

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