Absolutely smegging brilliant indie adventure game created by Gaspop software; it is perhaps the most atmospheric game that I have ever played, bar none.

The game centers around a series of murders commited in the near-ish future city of Pleurghburg, investigated by protaganist Jake McUrk, a member of the Police Detective Agency

Pleurghburg fares pretty well in terms of plot and puzzles, and the dialogue and graphics are more than acceptable for a game created almost entirely by one individual (namely Chrille Blomqvist), but perhaps the best feature of the game (excepting the spectacular atmosphere which is created by the fusion of all the seperate elements of the game) is the music (for which Chrille did get some help from Benjamin Pettengill), which is perhaps the best use of midi ever.

Pleurghburg was created with Adventure Game Studio, and can be obtained from www.gaspop.com

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