Of course, by posting this on Everything it probably should be labeled Places to look for stuff:
  • Get a big box and fill it with baseball cards, put your stuff in between them.
  • Along the same lines, stick papers in magazines in a stack of magazines.
  • Hide stuff under a plant in a pot in your room.
  • Cut out pages inside a book and put stuff inside.
  • Behind posters on your wall.
  • Punch a hole in the wall and put stuff inside. Cover it up with a poster.
  • Tape stuff under your table.
  • Tape stuff UNDER a drawer in your desk.
  • Put stuff in a CD case, in a tape case, or between a big picture frame.
  • Tape stuff inside a smoke detector.
  • Take apart the back of a clock that hangs on the wall, put stuff inside, and put it back together again.
  • Cut open the bottom of your trash basket, raise it up, and put stuff underneath. (Do the same thing to a kleenex box)
  • Get a whole bunch of small boxes, fill them up with your belongings, stack them, but leave one or two empty in the back for your other stuff.
  • Put stuff in your bag next to your crotch or your boot.
  • The freezer/refrigerator is also a good place for stuff. (apparently a well-known place to hide though)

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