Pete's Grille is a little breakfast/lunch place in Baltimore, specifically the Waverly neighborhood. Pete's serves some damn good breakfast food, including pancakes, waffles, omletes, and any kind of breakfast meat you might desire, including scrapple (does anyone outside of Charm City eat this particular processed meat?). Their coffee is pretty good, and the waitresses will usually refill it well before you actually run out. For a caffeine junkie such as myself, this is a good thing.

They have daily lunch specials like clams and turkey, some really good hamburgers (the best I have had in Baltimore), nice deep fried fish and chips, tasty BLTs, meatloaf of the gods (hint: get a half order, unless you're really hungry), and quite a bit more. They also have the biggest, best milkshakes in town (at least IMHO). I highly recommend the turkey club if you're there on a day they have turkey available (usually Tuesdays). In true Baltimore fashion, you can get hots put on anything you want (just ask!).

There are no tables, just a long counter running all the way down the building. Be prepared to wait for a while, especially if you're in a large group. I would honestly recommend not going there on weekends, the place gets completely packed with JHU students, and it's just a big PITA. Even weekday lunch will require a wait of 5-15 minutes, unless you get lucky. This place is crowded. Though in the summer it's not too bad, since most of the JHU people have left.

Lunchtime entertainment is provided by large windows running down the entire length of one wall - through it I have personally observed Chris Rock riding on a bicycle (during the filming Head of State, part of which was done on Greenmount), an INS bust in the building across the street, and a car chase ending with a guy jumping out of the car and running down an alley. I'll take this kind of stuff over Hooters anyday, wouldn't you?

The waitresses are really great (though my favorite one quit recently), and Lou, the owner and usually the short order cook, is a real hoot. You'll often see antics like him shooting regulars with a Super Soaker, or just talking about this or that. And when it's not too busy you can sometimes have a nice chat with the waitresses, one of whom is Char, Lou's wife; she is a fantastic person, you'll like her. If you make a habit of saying mean things to waitstaff, don't come here, because Lou will throw you out on your ass (which I heard happened recently to a group of 6-7 JHU students), and banish you for life. Kind of like excommunication, but much worse.

They are open from 6 AM until 2 PM Monday through Friday, and 8 AM to 1:30 PM on weekends. The address is 3130 Greenmount Avenue, right across the street from the CVS pharmacy. It's just a short walk from Charles Village and JHU, and well worth a drive from anywhere in the city.

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