First aired in 1977, Pete’s Dragon is a heart warming musical about a friendship between a young boy named Pete (Sean Marshal) and his invisible dragon named Elliot (Charlie Callas). Pete is a young boy who runs away from his adopted family the Gogans because the abuse him and treat him like a slave.

Pete’s flight took him to a small fishing town called Passamaquoddy, Maine. Here the light house keeper Nora (Helen Reddy) and her father Lampie (Mickey Rooney) decided to take in Pete and give him a home and protection from the Gogans.

Elliot causes many problems in this small town that all get blamed on Pete because no one can see Elliot, except a traveling sales man who tried to capture Elliot so he can cut him up and use him in cures to sell on the road. The whole town eventually gets into a Dragon looking for Elliot. By the end of the movie Elliot has proven his use by helping out the Lighthouse guide a ship to harbor safely to shore on a rainy night when the fire can’t be lighted in the tower

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