Strategy wargame put out by Strategic Simulations Inc. in 1998. Technically it is based on SSI's Panzer General II, using the 'living battlefields' engine to present selected battlegrounds in two dimensions on which you move your forces in sequential turns.

To the strains of rather catchy martial music, at the introduction you are told that China in 2005 decides to reclaim its former territories, smarting over Taiwan's declaration of independence the previous year. Apparently their mandate from Heaven extends from Singapore to Sakhalin and all the way west towards the Volga, as shown in 36 different battlefield scenarios. As player, you will either control the People's Liberation Army, or a coalition of other forces out to protect the steppes of Siberia from being gobbled up by the advancing Chinese horde.

Amongst the American military hardware available for use, which it seems can be infinitely resupplied in Arctic tundera, are the M1A3, T-99 , and Challenger Main Battle Tanks, Trackwolf Recon units, Starstreak Surface-to-Air missiles, Crusader artillery, and Comanche and Werewolf Attack choppers. To win a battle you must hold onto or capture various positions on a battlefield, being careful not to move into an area that, say, is in range of a deadly piece of artillery that the enemy has hidden nearby. The game's simplicity makes it attractive.

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