Coffee Chain founded by Alfred Peet in Berkeley in 1966. Peet's specializes in a "deep roast" style that is much darker than most other roasters. This style produces a fuller flavor, but makes the coffee in their darkest roasts, taste somewhat burnt. Some people find Peet's too strong, but it has a large following of very loyal fans. Alfred Peet sold the chain to a man who would later co-found Starbuck's.
Peet's is a qualified good. Its coffee tastes far superior to that of any other chain, and it (fortunately, to my mind) contains enough caffeine per serving to keep one vibrating at a steady C# for most of a day.

The qualifications:
  • Its furnishings suck. They mainly consist of small wooden chairs painstakingly carved by sadistic elves. Their edges fit neatly between your vertebrae, and the motion induced by one's breathing is sufficient to begin a gentle sawing action, and, well... it just ain't conducive to much of anything except flight.
  • Along with the aforementioned good of caffeine comes the inevitable bad... muscles spastically twitching, stomach tightening into a pained nugget, attention deficit.
  • Should one decide that they do in fact want to brave the Chairs of Pain, they are seldom given the option. Folks generally show up early in the morning and take up semi-permanent residence. That's not to say they're drinking coffee all day... usually, they're halfway through a newspaper the size of your average telephone book, a neglected ounce of coffee slowly drying in a glass by their side.

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