PaybackTime 2 is a freeware strategy game created by Kari Luojus and Niko Nevatie. Players hire and equip a gang, then battle with other gangs in a turn based system similar to the squad combat element of X-Com.

The first step is to create a gang, unless you plan to use one of the included defaults. On the headquarters screen, players may hire warriors, purchase equipment, and assign this equipment to their warriors. Once this is done, the gang can be saved. It is now ready for battle.

On starting a battle, players may choose what battlefield to fight on, and adjust lighting and vision modes. Up to four gangs may participate in a battle. Computer opponents are provided at four difficulty levels, or you can play against a human opponent. Gangs may also be allied, working together and dividing the spoils if they win. During combat, the gangs take turns moving, and attempt to kill their enemies. Warriors may also perform actions such as laying traps, providing first aid, or looting drawers. At the end of the battle, the last surviving gang is the winner and collects the items left on the dead bodies. The cash and experience gained from winning a battle may then be used to further enhance your warriors.

The game comes with a well-balanced default set of futuristic weapons and items, and several battlefields. There is also a built-in weapon editor, item editor, and level editor to help players adjust the game to their liking.

In-game information & text files

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