Louisiana-based company that's been making hot sauce for four generations with a family recipe. Their sauces use fresh peppers (of different varieties), are cooked with spices, and then aged. Their line up includes:

  • Gourmet Pepper Sauce (cayenne peppers)
  • Gourmet Jalapeno Sauce (Jalapeno)
  • Cajun Hot Sauce (Mild Louisiana style sauce)
  • Cajun Jalapeno Hot Sauce (Cajun plus Jalapeno)
  • Extra Hot Hot Sauce (Habanero and Tabasco)
  • Vampfire Hot Sauce (Habanero, Tabasco, Cayenne)
  • Bat's Brew Hot Sauce (their hottest-Habanero and Jalapeno)

They also make a worchestershire sauce, a liquid seafood boil, chicken wing sauce, and other seasoning mixes.

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