So, heading down the street one evening on the way to a pub where current and former workers from SGI tech support gather on a semi-regular basis to chat about whats happened, who is where now (many of them aren't with SGI any more) and other such comradery. Anyways... I'm walking down a street to the pub (it is within staggering distance) and a large group of people are walking in my direction with a general appearance that is more scruffy than I am (I have a mid-back ponytail and a full beard). Just as they pass, I hear them comment on my T-shirt. I was wearing a UserFriendly Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell T-shirt that I got that the O'Reilly OpenSouce Conference. The Evil Geniuses part is what intrigues them. So we chat for a bit, and I get a business card:
    EVIL           Zooko Journeyman
  GENIUSES         Chief Hunchback
  for a better
  tomorrow           644 Church St.
                     Mountain View, CA 94041
                     (650) 996-4064
                     (650) 618-1613 fax
  PGP: 93D4 6A70 D443 (A1F FB37 B88E F6B4 BA21 AD3C 302A

Yep, they are hiring.

Any gathering of more than three programmers in Silicon Valley can be considered a job-fair.

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