"I'm a hundred times more dangerous than France."

Onion Head Monster is a comic strip from the bizarro world mind of Paul Freidrich. Usually found in US zines, OHM first appeared with "Onion Head Monster Attacks Ant City" which has been the primary gimmick of his comic series. Here, though he had to battle the Evil Sea-Monkey for the right to attack the city in the first place, in a duel of Gojira-like proportions. Of course Gojira or Mosura never had such great lines as, "Tonight you sleep with the ducks!" Or at least I don't think they do. They don't translate the roars.

In later adventures OHM has done such things as destroy Ant City (who apparently have the same rebuilding crew as Tokyo does in the Gojira movies) to the tune of Buddy Holly's "Raining in my Heart", have a cheese fight with an evil overlord over the affections of a woman, do battle against the robots of the evil Dr. Strangerot ("Bring me the head of Piglet!") while subsequently fighting off ApeRat and surviving nuclear annihilation at the hands of lobsters from a las vegas mob, and battle a giant tube of toothpaste (with toothbrush weapon, naturally). I must say I've found something to compete on equal ground with the great Pokey the Penguin, at least in terms of the utterly surreal yet great.


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