A popular series of books by the late Shoutarou Ikenami. Later it was turned into a televised jidai geki. The main character of the book (and show) is a samurai lord named Hasegawa Heizou. Hasegawa is the head of Histuke Touzoku Aratamegata, a special police force created by the Tokugawa Shogunate to deal exclusively with arsons ("hitsuke") and robberies ("touzoku") in the city of Edo.

Hasegawa is feared by criminals as "Oni-hei," which literally means "Hei(-zou) the demon". The show has a pretty gritty feel, and is comparable to "Law and Order" or "NYPD Blue."

Hasegawa is currently played by Kichiemon Nakamura, a famous Kabuki actor, who reportedly likes Star Trek.

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