An extremely powerful, fictional drug used by people throughout Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy.
First mentioned usage is by John Boone on page 239 in Red Mars:
"In fact he took a break
and went back to the bathroom in his room to swallowed
a capsule manufactured by Vlad's medical group on Acheron.
It was a drug they had named omegendorph, a synthetic
mix of endorphins and opiates they had found in
the brain's natural chemistry, and a better feel-good drug
than Boone would have imagined possible."

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Another important part of this miracle drug was that it was supposedly non-addictive. It was confusing, because it seemed like any time a main character was stressed, or just wanted to have a good time, they popped one. I'm not sure about the terminology, but perhaps it was habit-forming, even though it wasn't addictive.

Even though this was the "ultimate drug," there were plenty of alternatives: kava, several stimulants including caffeine, and nitrous oxide. In Robinson's Mars, such recreational drugs were common, found in bathroom vending machines and other places of convenience.

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