An Earth Force ship. The Omega Class was the first new capital ship to be designed after the Earth-Minbari War and one of the first Earth Force ships to have artificial gravity (Rotating Sections). They are outfitted with two pairs (fore and aft) of fixed energy weapons and multiple smaller interceptors as well as forward fighter bays(capable of launching Star Furies, Thunderbolts and shuttles. Now being replaced by the Warlock Class Destroyer

The Babylon 5 Project

Omega Class Destroyer

The Omega Class Destroyers are the backbone of EarthForce, the Earth Alliance military. They were the first new ship class to be designed and built after the disastrous Earth-Minbari war, based on the Nova Class Dreadnought, and they incorporated much new technology. One of the first Destroyers off the construction line was the "Agamemnon", commanded by Captain John Sheridan. Most of these ships have names based on Greek history and mythology. The Omega class is 1717 meters long, and it is equipped with numerous particle weapons (capable of firing in beam or pulse mode), which are used as both offensive weapons and defensive interceptors and anti-fighter guns. Like most capital ships, they are not very maneuverable. There is no artificial gravity on board. Instead the middle part of the destroyer rotates to create gravity for the crew. They also carry a large compliment of Starfury or Thunderbolt Class Fighter. The Omega Class Destroyers are of course equipped with jump-point generators.

There is also an advanced experimental version of the Omega Class. It has prototypical new bio-engineered armor, and experimental new beam weapons. This class of ships was the most secret development from the Earth Alliance Research & Development, using the most advanced technology they could find. Only a few prototypes were put together in the middle of 2261, it is not known if any still exist.

Known Omega Class vessels: (from appearances in episodes)

    EAS Agamemnon - (Points of Departure) and through-out the series
    EAS Alexander - (Severed Dreams)
    EAS Churchill - (Severed Dreams)
    EAS Agrippa - (Severed Dreams)
    EAS Roanoke - (Severed Dreams)
    EAS Nimrod - (Severed Dreams)
    EAS Olympic - (Severed Dreams)
    EAS Archonon
    EAS Apollo - (Endgame)
    EAS Furies - (No Surrender, No Retreat)
    EAS Nemesis - (No Surrender, No Retreat)
    EAS Pollux - (No Surrender, No Retreat)
    EAS Vesta - (No Surrender, No Retreat)
    EAS Juno - (No Surrender, No Retreat)
    EAS Heracles - (No Surrender, No Retreat)

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