There was a glass jar full of olives with a slice of lemon at the bottom. The slice of lemon made the olives taste more olive-candy flavored than olive-olive flavored. Once the seal on the jar had been broken, its contents quickly found their way to several digestive systems. The container was washed and its label was removed. The olive jar found a new home in a cupboard where it had the chance to make friends with various yogurt containers and empty milk bottles.

To prevent the sogginess of midday sandwiches, one must bring sandwich fixings. To prevent the stickiness of backpacks, one must not use them to contain honey. The olive jar was to go on a picnic! Eventually the olive container returned to its near-empty state.

The Happy Ending: I filled it with the hot water that I'd just boiled for tea and used it as a hot water bottle. Now I'm drinking the honey water.

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