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"All the people like us are We,
And every one else is They.
And They live over the sea,
While We live over the way,
But-would you believe it? --They look upon We
As only a sort of They!" (from We and They by Rudyard Kipling)
"They heckled and cackled and jeered and mocked. They exchanged knowing glances of superiority and mutual approval. They walked out feeling securely superior, having paid well to visit the House of Freaks, not knowing it was the Hall of Mirrors."
"Ignore the trolls. Modern society is very anti-intellectual and there will always be irrational people sniping at anyone who can put together a logical argument. They see it as some sort of magic, and fear it as an unknown. " -- from comment thread on this video on 3-manifolds

Apply this to your poem or fictional piece. Look for improvements.