I get the school bus at the first stop, 7:30 on an autumn morning. Bright and wet, nursing hot cocoa in my chilled hands. I have a choice of empty seats to huddle into, a whole aisle of green pleather benches. I sit in the front, behind the driver. It's too early, too crisp, too much of a day to leave distance between me and anything.

I grin.

The window rattles as we make our way through slowly waking neighborhoods, picking up sleepy kids one by one. The frosted lawns sharpen to a crisp green as the dew fades away. I drink up the rest of the cocoa and lean on the dirty window pane warming in the pale sunlight.

It sparkles.

The scratches and deficiencies in the glass trap lukewarm rays and play with them, a rainbow veil in front of everything outside.
And the sky is blue.
It's 50 degrees and I'm prepared to ace this test today.
It's Autumn, it's colorful, brilliant, crisp.
And I love the way the sun looks anemic at this time of day.
It's morning, glorious morning, and I'm happy.

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