Preparing for tsunamis and the zombie ebola apocalypse: Day 3

Dr. Lizard is tired. Lots of hysteria on the news. Now that a nurse has ebola, hopefully the CDC will realize that indeed, the medical people in Liberia were being careful and it is more contagious than the usual diarrhea and bleeding. She thinks that the CDC will step up. It's stupid to try to stop airplanes: if we do that then we will be locked out when we have bad infection. Everyone needs to keep their heads, not violate quarantine and be sensible and kind. Just pretend you are a Unitarian, ok?

Her emergency stuff is not very well organized. Camping gear was already in the van because she sleeps best in a tent, so it was loaded. She is arranging an emergency cache at home and a second one camouflaged in the woods. Her daughter is a bit tense, but coping.

Dr. Lizard is in the next town over to check her storage unit. She has forgotten her gate code, gets to the storage unit and then has the wrong key. Feels stupid. Oh, well.

Off to the grocery in that town. All of the big water containers are sold out, shelf empty. Smaller ones are still available. She avoids bottled water in the individual bottles, evil plastic. Her daughter pointed out that the hard plastic leak toxins into the water less then the soft plastic. She bought some hard plastic ones to keep daughter happy.

Today buys food. She really ought to rotate the 2009 stock out and eat it. Both she and her daughter view this with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. The chickpeas look rather old. The canned stuff is probably ok, except that one where the top and bottom are swelling..... She buys:

1. 10 bars that don't seem too toxic. Nuts and fruit.
2. Two cans of turkey spam. Perhaps she should serve it for Thanksgiving next year as a side dish.
3. One can of smoked oysters because they like them.
4. Three bags shelled salted peanuts. Cheap.
5. Tomato soup and canned tomatoes. On sale.
6. Two cans of juice. Mostly she doesn't buy juice, buys fruit instead.
7. Tylonol because she is out. She thinks about stuff like benedryl, but really, it would just expire. Stuffy noses will have to suffer.
8. An extra 24 pack of toilet paper.

There is a Tsunami warning in the evening on October 14, after the earthquake. She is asleep and doesn't hear it......

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