I don't seek out new junk food sensations - they find me. I was given a bag of Nestle's Pretzel Flipz (gotta have that Z), thin pretzels covered in peanut butter fudge. They're OK, but I detest the logic that says adding sugar and calories to a fine snack (the pretzel) is a Good Thing. (Jeeves, are we still boycotting Nestle?). The bag proudly proclaims the pretzels are Rold GoldĀ®. Boycott Jason Alexander?

...and a Happy Birthday! to Joni Mitchell and Donna Summer. Jerry Falwell is on Jesse Jackson's oft-dull CNN program, thanks to Falwell's efforts, of late, to broker a detente between the evangelical community and the gay community. It's nice to see him a bit more sober/honest/articulate; he's not (quite) as "evil" as the character he normally plays when the cameras are on.

Beck | Ford

I played some old Doom wads that I haven't played in years. I took some computer hardware that I was given by a neighbor who's moving over to my workshop in my grandparents' basement, and on the way back my mother, my sister, and I got some food from Liberty Heights Fresh. I tried IRC for the very first time this evening.

Suprise. I was woken up early by a friend so that I could help cook for food not bombs. I was of marginal use in the kitchen that early. Helped for a bit, then I stopped and wrote a letter to my aunt and took a nap. Later after serving, I took another nap, read, and then visited a friends. We went out and I dumpstered a new answering machine. Score!

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